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David Crouch

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While David Crouch is still looking for that first, illustrious checkered flag, he has accomplished other milestones in his brief racing career, and looks to check that first win off his list soon with a new car and new hopes!

David first became involved in racing when his dad, Dave Crouch, current crew chief for the #2 Grand American Modified, introduced him and his childhood friends to short track racing at Stockton 99 Speedway and Altamont Motorsports Park. After being a spectator for a couple years, as soon as David reached age 16 he began working for a Grand American Modified driver at Altamont by the name of Don Cox.

After a full season of crewing, David tried a different approach, and went into the media aspect of racing where he was the photographer and cameraman for AYMS and the OT Project for all of 2002. However, only watching and recording the cars go fast and turn left wasn’t enough for him, and he decided to crew for his friend Dominic Lopez who raced a Mini Super Truck at Stockton and Altamont in 2003 & 2004.

Finally, an opportunity arose for David to get behind the wheel himself. Dominic had a spare truck chassis he had acquired and David managed to scrape together an engine and some other necessary parts. They put the truck together and in June 2005, David took his first laps in a race car and has been hooked ever since!

David only ran a couple races in the MST’s at Altamont in 2005, but ran a full season in 2006 claiming the NASCAR Mini Super Truck Rookie of the Year award and was 5th in points out of 20 drivers with 4 top 5’s and 13 top 10’s. The following year, David followed teammate Dominic to the dirt when they decided to run at Antioch Speedway and Petaluma Speedway due a change in ownership at Altamont and the closure of Stockton 99.

The 2007 season ended up being a part-time season for David, but he helped his teammate earn a track championship at Antioch. David ended up 10th in points out of 22 drivers, with 3 top 5’s, 8 top 10’s and 2 heat race wins. The 2008 season started with high hopes and a new truck, but didn’t go as planned. The first two races of the season started with David leading the race, but the end results never materialized. On a part-time schedule, he ended up with 7 top 5’s, 10 top 10’s and 5 heat race wins.

After two seasons on dirt, David considered taking a break from racing for awhile, but then his true home track, Stockton 99 Speedway, reopened in 2009 and he couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to race there again. So after a long search, he purchased a Grand American Modified and gathered some friends and family to help crew for him.

His first season in the GAM was filled with valuable learning experience as it had been quite a few years since David had worked on these type of cars, and the speeds they traveled were much greater than that of the MST’s. Among some ups and downs all year, David finished better then expected in his rookie season, winning the NASCAR Grand American Modified Rookie of the Year award and finishing 4th in the championship standings and 4th in Tri-Holiday points out of 30 drivers, with 11 top 5’s and 17 top 10’s.

In 2010, David and his dad embarked on rebuilding the chassis from the ground up, making improvements everywhere possible. After months of long hours, late nights & hard work the car and team was finally prepared for the 2010 season. However, hard economic times would force David into a change of scenery as the modified class at Stockton 99 would dwindle down to only a handful of cars, and the team decided it would be best to begin racing out at All American Speedway in Roseville, CA and still squeeze in a few races at 99.The change invenues would provide David with valuable experience getting around a new track and racing with new competitors. At the very least, it taught the team how to deal with adversity while they competed among some of the top car counts in the nation, with an average weekly field of around 20 cars. The team would end the season 8th overall and 5th overall at AAS and S99 respectively, and would also bring home 2 trophy dash victories and a handful of heat race victories.

In November of 2010, the team decided it was time to make an equipment upgrade, and they purchased a brand new Ellis chassis, one of the most dominant modified chassis’ in the nation. Knowing it would be quite the project to build the new car, the team planned on a very short 2011 season, and hopes of fall début at the end of 2011. A new car, a new engine builder & some new help from an experienced crew chief/race car driver look to be just what Deuces Wild Racing needs to catapult itself into a top-tier modified team on the west coast.

David currently resides in Manteca, CA with his girlfriend, and works as a tax accountant in Pleasanton at Bregante + Company, LLP after graduating from CSU Hayward in 2008 with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Deuces Wild Racing was founded in 2007. The team currently consists of David, his dad, Dave Crouch, his step-mom, Cathy Crouch, his girlfriend, Stephanie Monahan, his spotter Udo Richter, and the occasional assistance from veteran crew chief Brock Monroe. He is very grateful for their help and that of his sponsors, because without them none of this would be possible.