About San Francisco Vodka

Meet the Family

Our Bay Area native family has grown here in the heart of California, and San Francisco has always been a big part of our lives. We have driven down Lombard street countless times, looked out from the tops of towers, wandered the wharf, shopped the stores, played at the beaches, and taken classes. From the shores to the shops, this beautiful place has captured us with its unique culture. People from all around the world come to experience the wonders of San Francisco. We wanted to make a mark on our city, as true locals who take pride in creating a specialized and high quality product for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

We combine the strengths and talents of our whole family to create a unique blend of character which we put into our products. Each person brings a new ingredient to the recipe of our business, to make an outstanding product for you, as a reflection of our high standards. After carefully creating and inspecting each and every bottle by hand, we know every last sip is as perfect as the first.

Vodka literally means "little water." As a family, we associate San Francisco with the famous bays and marinas we have loved sailing through the years. We find that a product that is pure, clean and simply refreshing will encompass much of the beauty of this area. We take pride in providing you with a beach of your own to take home.

We believe it’s our responsibility to provide pure products that boast the finest natural ingredients. All our products are GMO, additive, and gluten free, and we do not by any means alter the purity and simplicity of the spirit. With our vodka, you can be sure of what you’re drinking, and never expect anything less than the best.

At SF Vodka, we strongly believe in the importance of giving back. Through the years, we’ve sponsored several benefits for global conservation and the humanities. It has been a pleasure to work with the following foundations that bring hope for a better future. SF Vodka will continually be looking for ways to give back.

Keep a Breast Foundation, The Marine Mammal Center, Music in Schools Today (MuST), Save the Waves Coalition, Surfaid International, Surfrider Foundation, New Century Chamber Orchestra