Baker Beach San Francisco Vodka - Distiled from Corn

Baker Beach San Francisco Vodka is named for the northern-most Pacific beach in San Francisco that stretches southward, a half mile from Golden Gate Point. Like our other vodkas, Baker Beach is precision distilled using crystal clear snow melt from high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This variety is made from 100% Midwest Corn, but is full of other aromas and flavors like cotton candy, rosewood, and Asian pear aromas with white pepper, honey, and sour cranberries up front and a medium-long finish of toasted grains, parsley and black tea. This vodka is perfect for cocktails with overpowering or very sweet flavors.

Most vodka sold in the US is made from grain rather than potatoes, as many people believe. It is more difficult to convert the starch in corn to simple sugars for fermentation, so simpler grains like rye, wheat and barley are commonly used to make vodka in the US. Corn produces a very clean wash that makes a neutral-tasting, but sweet vodka, so it’s worth the extra effort. Because only corn is used, Baker Beach vodka is gluten-free.


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