China Beach San Francisco Vodka - Distilled from California Grapes

China Beach San Francisco Vodka is named for the Pacific beach that lies just south of Baker Beach in the cliff neighborhoods of San Francisco's northwest shore. China Beach was so named because Chinese fisherman used to camp there during the late 1800's and early 1900's, and made up more than 50% of the fishing community. This variety is made from a proprietary blend of California Grapes. To start off, you might smell light bay leaf and cinnamon aromas, which open up on the palette to lemon peel and vanilla, with a long finish of peaches, berries and oregano. China Beach has a silky and well-balanced medium body that is exceptionally pleasant on its own or on the rocks. A perfect sipping vodka. We recommend it for use in herbal or floral cocktails with tangy and zesty flavors to balance it out.

China Beach San Francisco Vodka is precision distilled using crystal clear snow melt from high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Grapes are broadly recognized as the source of the finest and most delicate of spirits. This blend was designed to capture the essence of the fruit while maintaining a balanced, clean vodka. The fruit is squeezed and the juice is fermented just like a wine and is distilled to around 192 proof. Even at 192 proof, an open barrel will make your mouth water from the surrounding aromas. Handmade in very small batches, China Beach is the rarest of vodkas, shared by the most discerning hosts.


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