Ocean Beach San Francisco Vodka - Distilled from Sugar Cane

Ocean Beach San Francisco Vodka is named for the long, slender Pacific beach along the Great Highway in San Francisco, south of China Beach. This variety is made from cane, a non-fruiting plant that was originally used to make the rum that fueled colonialism, trade and war in the Americas. Cane gives our Ocean Beach vodka its unique flavor. It opens with aromas of candied apples and fresh-cut soft wood, leading to flavors of powdered sugar, cream, and caramel, with a eucalyptus and sourdough finish that is crisp and clean. It has a light, airy body that lends itself well to cocktails that are bitter or those with citrus.

Ocean Beach San Francisco Vodka is precision distilled using crystal clear snow melt from high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just like our other vodkas. Sugar cane ferments very easily and quickly, so we cool the wash to prevent overheating because it can cause flavors to be off. This is an honest vodka. It is crisp like a cold ocean breeze and bright like a beach bonfire.


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