Best Grape Based Vodka in the World

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Our vodka is hand crafted in small batches of about 200 bottles on San Francisco Bay's Treasure Island in an old maximum-security military prison.

We use the finest American ingredients in all our products, including crystal clear Sierra Nevada snow melt. We produce three straight vodkas that are similar to that of a flight of wine varietals. Each is produced in the same manner, and retains some of the character of the source material (like corn, grapes, and cane) through the distillation process.

The idea of doing three vodkas came from looking at common food traditions. Similar to a food trinity--Cajun or Creole uses onion, bell pepper, and celery; Asian cuisine uses ginger, garlic, and soy sauce--we chose to use the three different food products that represent the three sources of spirits. These are grains (whiskey, bourbon), fruits (brandy, eau de vie), and non-fruiting (rum, tequila). Corn is a grain native to the Americas and produces a robust vodka, full of flavor. Grapes produce a floral vodka with a satisfying and lingering finish. Cane, a non-fruiting plant, produces a light, sweet vodka with a crisp and clean finish. Each of our vodkas will entice your palette in a different way.


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